Toro Rosso debut 'almost brand new' car in Barcelona

Toro Rosso have brought a raft of upgrades to the final pre-season test which technical director James Key described as an "almost completely brand new" car.

The most noticeable change is the new Williams-style nose (above). Key explained that Toro Rosso had always planned to follow this design philosophy, but delayed it due to the difficulty in designing it to pass the FIA's mandatory crash test.

The now shorter nose is much shorter than the version ran at Jerez and the first Barcelona test (inset top). This allows far greater airflow to pass underneath which is then directed toward the rear of the car, creating greater downforce.

Further down the chassis are additional pectoral fins (outlined in yellow above). These help separate and direct the airflow running over the nose and alongside the chassis.

Another addition is the new Y100 winglet (monkey seat), which now features three elements as opposed to the two (inset) ran at the previous tests.

These are just three of the most noticeable changes, but Toro Rosso have altered the cooling requirements and suspension setup in a bid to find downforce.