McLaren offering Manor 'affordable support' for 2015

McLaren have confirmed that they are continuing to offer the Manor Grand Prix team "affordable support" as it bids to return to the grid in time for the first race.

Manor, formerly Marussia, had a technical partnership with McLaren to use some of its facilities during the 2014 season. Following its collapse at the end of the season it owed McLaren over £7 million ($10.8m, €9.5m).

Despite this, McLaren are continuing to work with Manor to assist in their return.

"We have agreed to restructure our contract with the Manor team so that it may continue to benefit from affordable support, in keeping with contractual obligations," a team spokesperson told Grand Prix Times.

However they denied they were looking to further their involvement with Manor amid rumours they may want to acquire a B-team, in order to provide it and engine partner Honda with additional data.

"So we are assisting the team's efforts to try to continue competing in Formula 1, but we have no plans to acquire any equity in the team or to increase our involvement with it in any way."

Meanwhile, Ferrari has confirmed it will supply Manor with its 2014 hybrid-V6 power unit for the 2015 season, despite being owed £16.6m ($25.8m, €22.7m).