Ferrari challenges rivals to create their own F1 concepts

Ferrari has challenged rival teams to produce their own future Formula 1 concept car following the release of its own vision for the future of the sport.

The Italian outfit chose to make public its renders of a futuristic F1 car it hopes will 'provoke' other teams and rulemakers into making the sport more appealing, in an attempt to end the declining TV audiences.

"That car was a provocation," explained Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene. "A provocation that is not far away from the reality we can achieve in the future.

"Our message was mainly 'try to liberate the creativity and create a beautiful car'. We will not be saying we were first or second, or ours is better. We are happy to try to move the status quo.

"I'm going to ask every team to try to produce a concept car. In this way we are going to move something. That was a provocation."

Red Bull and McLaren have both produced their own concepts already, but both refused to make them public.

Arrivabene believes it's important that F1 appeals to younger fans and he says by making the cars look more similar to computer games, the sport can achieve that appeal.

"Our other competitors are other cars on a video game. If you are asking to guys who are 18-years-old if they prefer to play one hour on a video game, he'll prefer to do that than watch a grand prix. This is our competition, so the look of a car is very important."