Wolff and Nasr disagree on who was at fault for crash

Susie Wolff and Felipe Nasr have both blamed one another for their testing crash which caused a red flag, a 20-minute stoppage and substantial damage to both their cars.

Whilst the pair managed to get back out on track for the final few minutes, both Williams and Sauber lost around four hours to the incident whilst they hastily repaired their respective cars.

Nasr was certain he wasn't at fault and blamed Wolff for failing to see him.

"I was on a push lap and could see her leaving the pits," explained Nasr. "She was driving quite slowly in front of me so as I took turn four I caught her and I saw her move to the right. I thought she knew I was coming, as she was on a slow lap.

"Then I committed myself to the braking on the inside of turn five and then I felt a big hit on my rear suspension. I don't think she ever saw me coming. I asked if she saw me and she said that she did not see me coming."

Wolff gave a different view of the 'stupid' incident though and insisted she couldn't have avoided the 'aggressive' Nasr.

"I stayed completely on my line," she said. "I didn't expect him to move across as aggressively as he did, and he hit my front left with his rear. For me, it was an unfortunate incident but not something I could have avoided.

"I went straight over to him and said 'what the hell went on?' and he was a bit speechless. To be honest with you I was also a bit speechless because it was one of those things that happens and you wonder how the hell did that happen. It's stupid."

The incident was caught on circuit CCTV and appeared to show Nasr cut across Wolff before his car was completely clear, causing his rear to make contact with the front-right of Wolff, which span Nasr into the barriers.