Ferrari shows off radical-looking future F1 concept

Ferrari has shown off images of dramatic-looking Formula 1 concept which it hopes will influence future regulations, allowing for more striking and better looking cars.

The release of the concept comes on the same day that F1 bosses will vote on the future direction of the sport. The F1 commission will meet in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss future rules with the look of the cars the main subject.

Ferrari are keen on the rules being relaxed in 2016 to allow for greater aerodynamic freedom, which it believes would spur designers to take risks with new concepts.

The Scuderia's design team has been working on the concept for several weeks and has tried to stay close to the current regulations to ensure they still look like F1 cars.

The concept features sleeker bodywork, a double-decker front-wing, larger rear-wing and half enclosed wheels, but is still similar to present cars.

Both Red Bull and McLaren have also produced concepts of what they'd like to see in future. They presented them at a meeting a fortnight ago. Both teams have however refused to make them public, unlike Ferrari.

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