Radical rule changes could lure Newey back - Horner

Adrian Newey could be convinced to return to Formula 1 full-time if the planned overhaul of the technical regulations goes ahead in the next two years.

The famed F1 designer recently took a step back from the sport to focus his attention on other projects, including the Americas Cup. He cites the "very restrictive" technical regulations as the primary reason for the change.

However F1 bosses recently green-lighted a proposal to relax rules governing aerodynamics to make the cars faster, harder to drive and better looking.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes that might just be enough to entice Newey back in the future.

"It is some way down the road, but he is still very motivated - you can see that," he is quoted by Autosport.

"So if the regulations change and become a little bit more open, and more enticing, then perhaps that will whet his appetite to get further involved.

"He is at a stage in his career and life where he is enjoying the prospect of a couple of new challenges as well.

"But at heart he is still a racer, very passionate about F1, and still extremely competitive."