Renault adds its support to 1000hp engine plan

Renault Sport F1's managing director, Cyril Abiteboul, is the latest to throw his support behind proposals to drastically increase the power output of Formula 1's engines.

Bernie Ecclestone recently called for F1 to adopt 1,000 horsepower engines in a bid to attract old and new fans as he looks to reverse the sport's declining audience.

The proposal, along with wider tyres and more aggressive aerodynamics, already has the backing of Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene, Mercedes' Niki Lauda and a handful of other F1 figures.

Crucially, it has also been discussed amongst F1's Strategy Group and looks likely to happen soon, though not until 2017 according to Abiteboul.

"Renault will not object to the idea of Bernie Ecclestone, to make engines more powerful, and to make more sound, [so long as] costs remain under control," he told Canal+.

"The idea is attractive, but it seems that it is already too late [for it to happen in] 2016. 2017, however, is ideal timing."

With representatives from Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes backing the plans, it leaves just Honda, but according to a source close to the Japanese manufacturer, they too support the proposal.