Pirelli backs plan for 'more appealing' wider tyres

Pirelli's Paul Hembery has made it clear to Formula 1 bosses that the Italian company is ready to supply the sport with larger rear tyres.

The FIA and F1's Strategy Group have been discussing future changes to the sport which include more powerful engines, more downforce and wider rear tyres.

Pirelli are open to the move according to Hembery, who believes it would add to the appeal and spectacle of the sport.

"Wider tyres? That appeals. I think when you see the images of the 1970s cars, it's not so extreme that you think dragster, but you do think 'wow look at that'," he told Autosport.

Whilst the FIA is looking to implement some changes as early as 2016, Hembery believes that would be unrealistic for new tyres which would require a lot of testing.

"For 2016 it would be very, very difficult to achieve," he added. "It would need to be 2017.

"There is also a logic to that [timeframe], because our contract finishes at the end of 2016. So if you are renewing, then it should combine with that."

The ideal width would be around 400mm at the rear compared to the current 325mm, whilst the front tyres would remain at 245mm.

"I would love mentally to get above 400mm - because it sounds better.

"It is like if we have 1000bhp - that would also be great. I think there is an element of our sport that needs to get some big numbers back in there."