The top ten most read news stories of 2014

With 2014 coming to an end very shortly, we've decided (as is now tradition) to go back and look at the most read news stories from the year.

01. Police discover Red Bull trophies dumped in lake

Police discovered some of Red Bull's missing F1 trophies in a lake after they were stolen during a ram-raid on the factory in early-December. [Read Story]

02. Vettel vents his anger at Rosberg during conference

Sebastian Vettel wasn't too happy with Nico Rosberg during the Malaysian Grand Prix, but it eventually turned out he was angry with the wrong guy. Whoops. [Read Story]

03. Raikkonen: 'Result f**k all to do with motivation'

Don't accuse Kimi Raikkonen of lacking motivation and then blaming it for his poor results, as the Finnish driver won't take too kindly to your comments. [Read Story]

04. Agreement reached to make engines louder

Unanimous agreement was reached to work on a solution to make the 2014 engines louder. Sadly all attempts failed. But it did produce a comedy trumpet exhaust, so it was all worth it. [Read Story]

05. Force India to trial 'Info Wing' designed by Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton's father, Anthony, thinks F1 fans need more information during the race, so he invented the 'Info Wing' which Force India trialled at the end of season test. [Read Story]

06. FIA to ban FRIC suspension system from German GP

Some believed Mercedes huge advantage was down to FRIC suspension, so it was banned mid-season. It turned out it wasn't and they continued to dominate. [Read Story]

07. We'd be better taking a GP2 car to Australia - Kobayashi

After testing their car, Kamui Kobayashi declared it worse than a GP2 car before they'd even had a chance to race it. We doubt Caterham found his feedback helpful. Read Story]

08. Report: Caterham put up for sale by Fernandes

Another Caterham story. This time it's the beginning of the end. Tony Fernandes reportedly put the team up for sale (which was later confirmed) only for it to eventually collapse. [Read Story]

09. Teams expected to protest McLaren in Australia

Several teams hinted that they'd protest McLaren because of their unique shroud at the rear of the car. Eventually, after the FIA confirmed it was legal, none of them bothered. [Read Story]

10. Red Bull forced to mount camera outside chassis

Red Bull thought they'd be clever and hide their FOM camera housing inside the nose, meaning they'd have no need for external drag-producing mountings. The FIA disagreed. [Read Story]