Haas to bid for Marussia's assets in auction

Gene Haas says he's likely to bid for several items in Tuesday's Marussia asset auction which includes items ranging from shop machinery to their 2014 chassis.

In total, around 2,000 items will be auctioned over three days from the team's Banbury base in order to raise funds to pay off its debts after it collapsed during the final races of the season.

Haas is starting his own F1 team for the 2016 season, therefore getting his hands on some equipment and even Marussia's 2015 designs could prove vital in getting a head start.

"We have got the Marussia auction list so I think we will be bidders for some of that stuff," he told the Guardian.

However he won't be running his Haas F1 Team in the same was as the failed Caterham and Marussia projects, instead he hopes to capitalise on planned rule changes which will allow him to buy 'stock' parts at a far lower price than designing and manufacturing them himself.

"If we did it the way Caterham and Marussia did it we would have the same result so I think we are going to do it differently," he added.

"A lot of the teams in the UK build everything themselves. They seem to have this English mentality that this is the way it has to be done and that is just not our business model at all."

Meanwhile, Haas is also hoping to base half of his staff in the UK where they will be in charge of race preparation, whilst design will take place in North Carolina in a new purpose built facility opposite his Nascar outfit.