Mallya hits out at F1's 'big boys' in Twitter rant

Force India co-owner and team principal Vijay Mallya has hit out at Formula 1's big teams amid the ongoing financial argument that centers around how F1's revenues are distributed.

The Indian billionaire posted his views on Twitter and poked particular fun at Red Bull following their recent exclusion from Saturday's qualifying results.

"A big F1 team that says we small outfits should not come with bananas to a gun fight, grabs maximum money and cheats on the regulations," he wrote.

"Arrogance and a superiority complex on the part of those who are paid to be in F1 should not dilute or colour those who pay to be in F1," added Mallya in reference to the huge multi-million pound payouts the 'big five' receive for simply being in F1 regardless of where they finish in the standings, unlike Force India which only receives prize money based on its results.

He added: "Have holders of purse strings and decision makers in F1 become slaves to the whims of the big boys and the contracts? What about F1 sport?"

Despite Mallya's argument, it's believed Force India, Sauber and Lotus took a step forward in agreeing better financial distribution on Saturday when they met with Bernie Ecclestone and CVC's Donald MacKenzie.