Button says accepting new McLaren deal not a given

Jenson Button won't necessarily remain at McLaren or in Formula 1 next season, even if the Woking outfit offer him a new deal.

At present, Button doesn't know whether he's coming or going as McLaren have chosen to delay any driver announcements as it seeks to sign Fernando Alonso.

With Button being left in the dark for so long, he says simply accepting a new deal isn't a given.

"When you are put in a position that many drivers have been in over the year, not sure if your contract is going to be renewed, it opens your eyes to different challenges and different possibilities.

"Whether it is racing, whether it is doing another sport, or something different altogether, for me I am excited about the challenges ahead.

"I have a lot that I am excited about, a lot of different ideas, whether it is for next year or the year after," he said.

Button hinted that he wouldn't walk away from F1 altogether, with many expecting the Briton to take up a pundit role with British broadcaster Sky or BBC.

"This is a massive part of my life - F1 and motor racing has been - and it is not going to stop. It will continue.

"But I don't know where that is going to be right now.

"But I never feel like I am being pushed out of the sport, because I will definitely be in the sport in some shape or form. And it is going to be massively exciting."