Ecclestone to meet with Las Vegas race organisers

Bernie Ecclestone will meet with the organisers of the proposed Las Vegas Grand Prix ahead of the United States GP in a weeks time.

The 83-year-old revealed that he was approached by a group of businessmen with the idea of taking F1 back to Las Vegas where it last raced in 1982.

Though the idea has been dismissed by some, it's believed plans are actually at an advanced stage with renowned track designer Hermann Tilke already having already visited the city to look at potential routes.

Speaking to Autoweek, Ecclestone confirmed the meeting will take placed, but admitted he wasn't sure as to whether or not the race will actually go ahead.

"There is a consortium in Las Vegas that wants to arrange a race," he said. "They are very serious and want me to go out there on the way to Texas so we will see.

"Whether they are going to do it I don't know," he added.

The idea of racing down the iconic Las Vegas strip is part of a plan to diversify the city and how it earns its revenues. Whilst gambling revenue hit almost £4 billion in 2013, it has been in steady decline with forecasts putting 2014 almost 12% down on the same time last year.

Hotels and local businesses are keen to attract new tourists for purposes other than gambling and F1 could help do just that.