Alonso says Vettel swap rumour damaging to Ferrari

Fernando Alonso says he's confused as to why the Italian media are spreading rumours about his future, after reports he and Sebastian Vettel are to swap places for 2015.

The rumours started in the Italian media and Alonso believes they are damaging the harmony at Ferrari by creating uncertainty, even though he has consistently denied them.

"Nothing really to add," he said when asked about the rumours. "I've been commenting about my future for 13 months, I think, from last year in August, so I have nothing new to say.

"Sometimes it's sad when it comes from Italy and they create, for some strange purpose, these rumours, which are not helping Ferrari.

"That's why we are all here and Ferrari is a much bigger brand than any individual one of us or Formula One in general. I respect a lot Ferrari and I try to create a good atmosphere by going out to dinner, playing basketball, playing poker and whatever to have a united team. It's what we need and what we expect from us. When all these things come in from Italy it is not really clear what is the purpose, and if we know the purpose one day I will tell."

The Spaniard also spoke of Luca di Montezemolo's departure which he described as an 'end of an era', but stressed his faith in Ferrari's new boss Sergio Marchionne.

"It has been some interesting days with a lot of changes for the team and the year as a whole has been quite different with the team principal leaving, the head of engine leaving in the summer and now also the president stepping down.

"He was our leader for so many years, so definitely it was a great time for Ferrari and we wish him good luck on his new projects. With the new president we wish him good luck for hopefully a very successful future.

"I spoke with Sergio and I have had a very good relationship with him for many years. He comes to Monza, Austin and Canada sometimes and always he shows full commitment to us. I saw him in Maranello and he repeated the same thing and he is ready for the challenge and set some changes, but like all the big companies when they make changes they hope for better."