Haas says Ferrari will supply much of their car

The Haas F1 Team could very well be considered a Ferrari B-team when it debuts in 2016 after team owner Gene Haas admitted that much of the car will be supplied by the Italian marque.

The American outfit will be based in Kannapolis, but will have a UK base, whilst it has agreed a deal to use Ferrari's drivetrain.

Haas also intends to source several other areas of the car from Ferrari in order to get the best start possible.

"We are going to try to get as many parts as allowed by the FIA," he told NBCSN. "It is going to be suspension, it is going to be I think wheels and chassis parts and transmission, engine. Everything down to even the steering modes.

"One of the prior Concorde agreements was that the big teams could help the smaller teams, so we hope to get a lot of help from Ferrari to tell us what direction to go in.

"Then we are gonna have a lot of other people to help us build those parts. Dallara will probably [be] one of the sub-contractors.

"Our goal at least initially is to try to rent, buy whatever we can to go racing because that is what we are here for."

The UK base is also a change of heart after Haas initially planned to start an all-American team solely based out of the USA.

"The next step is that we have to get our base together. Obviously Ferrari is based in Italy, we have our facilities in Kannapolis," he added.

"We are probably going to need to have some kind of facility in the UK, in the southern part where all the other Formula 1 racers are. So, just the logistics of putting all of that together is the next challenge."