Tech Talk: Marussia innovation boosts Ferrari

Ferrari will receive a power boost for the remaining races amounting to roughly 20 horsepower thanks to an innovation tested on the Marussia MR03 car.

As shown in the image above (main), Marussia tested heat-shielding exhaust covers in Germany to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through the exhaust casing.

The inset image shows Ferrari have yet to adopt the heat-shielding, but will reportedly run it from the Belgian Grand Prix thanks to Marussia's efforts.

The idea, whilst not new and has been adopted by Mercedes, has two major benefits.

Firstly, heat is energy. Therefore containing the heat in the exhaust will make the turbocharger work more efficiently, boosting power.

Containing the heat will also help to cool the car and surrounding components, which means the team can run smaller cooling ducts which reduces drag.