Ecclestone promises no standing restarts in 2015

Bernie Ecclestone has promised to scrap standing restarts following safety car periods for the 2015 season after a barrage of public pressure.

The new regulation has already been approved by the World Motor Sport Council, so it isn't clear how Ecclestone plans to have it scrapped as such a change would require a unanimous vote.

But the 83-year-old though is adamant, that after an action-packed Hungarian Grand Prix, that no major changes are required to 'spice up the show'.

"There will be no standing start after a safety car phase," he promised. "What we have seen in Budapest, was good enough.

"We just need some fine tuning. All the stupid and unnecessary rules that have been added in recent years, it should be no more," he told Auto und Motor Sport.

Last weekend's race was "incredible" according to Ecclestone who says the decision not to punish drivers for small mistakes has gone a long way to improving the racing - indeed the race saw no investigations nor penalties despite some questionable moves.

"We have told the stewards that they should not punish the little things. I want to see drivers who race against each other and do not have to constantly ask what they can and can not do."