Hamilton denies intentional use of mind games

Lewis Hamilton has denied having ever intentionally playing mind games with his team-mates or rivals following comments by Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg.

Former McLaren team-mate Button recently revealed that Hamilton played games with him and says it's likely he would be doing the same with Rosberg this year to destabilise the German.

"I am sure there will - if there aren't already - be mind games going on [at Mercedes]. There were a few things he played on me," said Button.

Hamilton however, writing in his column for the BBC, denied he's intentionally used mind tricks.

"Competition is what I live for," he said. "That's why I never play mind games.

Of course, sometimes you say things without realising the implications," he said in relation to recent comments that Rosberg has been faster, yet still failed to win the last four races.

"I want to win on the track through pure ability. It's the way I was raised," he added. "I certainly don't want to handicap a rival before a race. I want him to be at his best. Then, when I beat him, that's bigger than any psychological ploy."