Maldonado's future uncertain as funding to be cut

Pastor Maldonado's future in Formula 1 may come to an end if he can't prove his talent alone is worthy of a drive, after news that his funding could be cut.

The Venezuelan receives around £25 million ($42m) a year from his country's government via state-owned oil company PDVSA, which makes him an attractive prospect to any cash-strapped team.

However Venezuela's new sports minister, Antonio Álvarez, has stated that all motorsport funding will be redirected to other sports, bringing an end to Maldonado's financial backing.

"I know I am going to make some enemies, but there will not be another dollar for motorsport," he explained in an interview with Ultimas Noticias.

"It is unfair to use state money in disciplines that do not contribute to the development of sport in this country."

Álvarez says the funds will help create better sporting facilities throughout Venezuela.

Whether Maldonado can secure a seat on talent alone isn't certain following a career so far which has had many more downs than it has ups, despite his Spanish GP win in 2012.