Vettel: 'New engines sound shit, they're too quiet'

Sebastian Vettel has added his voice to the growing criticism of the new V6 power units and how they sound.

The Red Bull driver slammed the noise, which has prompted complaints and even threats that some race organisers might sue the FIA and Formula One Management.

"It is shit," said the German in Thursday when probed on how the new cars sound.

"I was on the pitwall during the race, and it is better [quieter] than in a bar!

"I think for the fans it is not good," he added.

Vettel believes one of Formula 1's most attractive traits is the sound of the engines and he said it was a "shame" that's now gone.

"I think F1 has to be spectacular - and the sound is one of the most important things.

"I remember when, although I don't remember much because I was six years old, but we went to see the cars live in free practice in Germany, and the one thing I remember was the sound.

"[I remember] how loud the cars were, and to feel the cars through the ground as it was vibrating. It is a shame we don't have that anymore."