Renault customers to attend Lotus shakedown

Renault has invited all its customer teams to Jerez on Friday to 'spectate' whilst the Lotus E22 completes a shakedown, or what's officially known as a filming day.

Whilst a rival would rather not have three other outfits in attendance, it's believed Renault is footing the bill for the private test as an incentive.

The idea is that Renault are given a chance to gather more information after their disastrous pre-season test last week in Jerez in which they completed far less running than rivals Mercedes and Ferrari.

Their customers, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Caterham, may send a representative to witness the new power unit running with the recent changes made after the initial test whilst collaborating on ideas and in an effort to solve the problems they're facing.

Lotus are permitted to complete up to 100km of running, however it must be done on a non-race tyre supplied by Pirelli and conducted at a relatively low speed.

Lotus are also expected to unveil their car to the public at 16:00 GMT on Friday 7th, shortly after the test.