Newey questions safety of new lower noses

Red Bull's design guru Adrian Newey has questioned the safety of the new lower noses which he believes could lead to more dangerous accidents.

The FIA introduced the regulation, stipulating that noses must be much lower and longer, in order to ensure that when a car runs into the back of another, it isn't launched into the air.

Newey however believes that the opposite may now happen, which could have a far more dangerous outcome for the driver.

"The regulations has been introduced following some research by the FIA that the nose height reduces the chances of cars being launched - like with the accident that Mark [Webber] had when he hit the back of [Heikki] Kovalainen at Valencia a few years ago," Newey told reporters in Jerez.

"I must admit that I am concerned that the opposite may now happen - that cars now submarine effectively.

"So if you hit the back of the car square on, then you go underneath it and end up under the rear crash structure [hitting your helmet], which I think is a much worse scenario."

He also questioned how the noses look after several teams unveiled designs which resemble ant-eaters.

"I think it is a shame if regulations create ugly solutions, as we have seen in some of the cars that have been released," he added.