Paffett: 'These cars are a lot more difficult to drive'

Gary Paffett has warned that drivers face a new challenge in 2014 -because of the major regulation changes - the cars are completely different to drive when compared to previous seasons.

New aerodynamic rules which outlaw exhaust blowing completely has drastically reduced the amount of downforce, combined with the new engines, it could catch some drivers out.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the McLaren test driver gave his opinion on how they handle having spent many hours in the simulator with the MP4-29.

"It is going to be exciting, the cars are very different to what we have had for the last few years," he warned. "The downforce level in particular is a lot less than we have had and the cars are a lot more difficult to drive.

"The different power unit and the amount of torque that the turbo engines produce - even the medium to high speed corners are difficult without the blown downforce we have had in the last few years.

"The cars are definitely a lot more difficult to drive, so it is going to be exciting to see how the drivers get on with it."

Speaking about driving style, he says most will need to adapt the way they work in order to get the most from the 2014 cars.

"They are definitely going to have to change it," he said. "I have worked in the simulator a long time on these cars and when I swapped back and forth from the [MP4] 29 to the 28, you do have to change your style, the way you drive the car.

"Working with Jenson [Button] as well, the first time he came to drive the car I spent a bit of time talking him through it and you could physically see him having to think about how to drive the car."