Opportunity to get it wrong is 'massive' - Fry

Ferrari's Pat Fry believes the opportunity to get it wrong this season is 'massive' and it could potentially catch a number of teams out.

The British designer highlighted cooling as a particular problem area, more so than ever before because of the new V6 engines which feature a far more powerful ERS unit.

If cooling isn't perfected almost immediately, Fry fears a team could face major setbacks which its rivals will surely take advantage of.

"I think it is one of those years where you need to be developing your car rather than fixing cooling problems," he explained.

"At the start of each year when you get the cooling wrong, a huge amount of resource goes into fixing radiators, bodywork and everything like that. You waste the first couple of months.

"With the 2014 changes it is going to be even more dramatic - and the opportunities for getting it wrong are going to be massive," he added.

"Hopefully we have got our sums right, but there will be a lot of people scratching their heads in January."

He's expecting a wide range of solutions which could look drastically different from team to team.

"I think it will be interesting and there will be some dramatic differences in cars for once. Some people will be pretty busy I think."