The top ten most read news stories of 2013

A lot of things happened in 2013. The season saw records broken - mainly thanks to Sebastian Vettel and his record run of consecutive race wins - it saw controversy and it saw confirmation of major changes for 2014.

We've chosen our top ten stories from the year based on the number of reads they've attracted. Here's what was most popular on The F1 Times in 2013.

01. Marshal dies following post-race accident

Canadian Grand Prix marshal Mark Robinson died after an accident at the end of the Canadian GP when he was hit by a tractor which was recovering Esteban Gutierrez's Sauber to the pits. [Read Story]

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02. Minardi questions legality of Vettel's RB9

Former Formula 1 team-owner Giancarlo Minardi questioned why Sebastian Vettel was so dominant in Singapore and just how he managed to outpace team-mate Mark Webber in a supposedly identical car. [Read Story]

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03. Tech Talk: Mercedes's 'simple' tyre wear solution

Mercedes found a relatively simple solution to its overheating tyre woes and it seemed to do the trick for the Brackley based outfit who went on to finish second in the Constructors' Championship behind Red Bull. [Read Story]

04. Webber: 'They're bloody noisy without a helmet'

Mark Webber said he was pleased to show fans something a little different when he removed his helmet on the slowdown lap of his final ever Formula 1 race. [Read Story]

05. Ferrari to confirm Raikkonen on Wednesday?

Reports as to who would be lining up against Fernando Alonso circulated throughout 2013, but one man was the hot topic of most of those rumours, and that was Kimi Raikkonen. He was eventually confirmed and will once again be wearing red. [Read Story]

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06. Ferrari won '07 title with illegal car - Stepney

Ferrari's former head of performance management admitted that the F2007, which won the constructors' title, used an illegal floor during the opening race of the season which Ferrari won. [Read Story]

07. Webber: 'Vettel isn't booed because he wins'

Booing has become a regular occurrence during the podium ceremony when Sebastian Vettel stands atop the winners step. Some believe it's because he's making Formula 1 too predictable, but team-mate Mark Webber saw it differently. [Read Story]

08. Newey to leave Red Bull at the end of 2014?

Could Red Bull be set to lose its dominance over Formula 1 in 2015? Design guru Adrian Newey has hinted that it might be time for him to work on other interests outside of motorsport. [Read Story]

09. Lotus to run Galician flag after train crash

The Lotus F1 Team announced it would run the Galician flag on the rear-wing endplates on both Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean's cars at the Hungarian Grand Prix as a mark of respect to those involved in a high-speed train crash. [Read Story]

10. Webber furious as Vettel ignores team orders

Mark Webber was clearly furious with team-mate Sebastian Vettel after he refused to follow orders from the Red Bull pit wall to remain behind the Australian during the Malaysian 'Multi-21' affair. [Read Story]