Creative genius Nicolas Hunziker chats to The F1 Times

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Q. Have you ever thought of teaming up with different racing series?

With Porsche, 24h Le Mans and Gulf I get to explore sports car racing, which I love. The James Hunt project was my first official step into the World of F1. I'm now working with McLaren on a lot of different very exciting projects. To me this is really the perfect scenario: Sports-cars and F1. I've been approached to do some NASCAR stuff but to be honest I just don't know that much about it. Maybe it's because I'm European so I was more drawn to International racing.

Q. Any interest in 2 wheels over 4?

Personally I'm a car guy; I have a vintage car and a vintage race car in my garage. I did one bike piece for the Steve McQueen Car & Motorcycle Show. That's the only time I've ever painted a motorbike. Personally I'm a car guy; I have a vintage car and a vintage race car in my garage. I've been approached to do some motorcycle projects and we may branch out into this area. I just need to do more research as I'm not that familiar with the bike scenes.

Q. With Ron Howard's movie Rush featuring James Hunt it was important to get the Hunt collection done right and on time. How challenging was this? How closely did you work with James' son Tom? Is there more to come from this collection from the Motorsport side? 

The James Hunt collection had many challenges, like you mentioned; the release of the movie was a deadline that couldn't be moved. We worked very closely with Tom Hunt and David Hunt (James' son and brother) and they gave us great feedback every step of the way. I think we are looking at more items in this collection, so stay tuned.

Q. If there is one thing you want the public to know about you and your work, what would it be?  

That's a great question; I've never been asked that. As a visual artist I never get a chance to stand next to my work and explain it to people. People see what I paint. I hope that my passion for motorsport comes across. I really live for this stuff. I could spend hours watching old motor racing clips from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I read 50-year-old issues of motorsport magazines to learn more about my subject matters. I drive a 45-year-old Porsche with an open exhaust (I wear ear plugs) and I race a 44-year-old Lotus. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it all comes from a place of authenticity: I really love and live what I do.

Q. Finally, You've been able to create a globally recognised brand; your work is immediately identifiable, what's next for the Hunziker brand and what ultimately is your goal?

We are actually looking to branch out into a completely new market for our brand. This new area isn't necessarily a natural extension of our current playing field. Once you see this new product it will make perfect sense. I can't say more than that for now.

Ultimate goal: I don't think there is a specific milestone that I could identify as the ultimate goal. Things can always be improved upon. We are building a lifestyle brand: Art, speed, style, adrenaline and the fumes of motorsport are in our DNA. We are a very young company with big dreams and with your support we will be able to help people everywhere express themselves and their love for motorsports.

1. With which F1 team did James Hunt win his first race with? 

2. In the Movie RUSH, who was James Hunt’s main rival?

3. Jim Clark died in Hockenheim in 1968. In which series was he racing?

4. What was Steve McQueen's date of birth?

5. What colours are the bases for the iconic livery used by the Gulf Oil brand?

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