Red Bull don't feel bad about dominating - Horner

Red Bull doesn't feel bad about dominating the sport over the past few seasons says team principal Christian Horner, despite claims it's turning people off.

Viewing figures are down, complaints that the sport is boring are up, and many believe Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel are to blame after winning their fourth title in a row and a record breaking eighth consecutive races.

Horner doesn't feel any guilt though and says they're just trying to do their best in a competitive environment - it just so happens that their best is better than the rest.

"We compete in a championship to the same regulations as all the others," he said. "We do the best job that we can and then we measure ourselves against our opponents every couple of weeks.

"It is not down to us to help the others to succeed. Our focus is very much on ourselves. We don't feel in any way bad about the fact that we have done a lot of winning."

He says any sport has natural phases of domination and it will ultimately swing in someone else's favour at some point.

"In sport, whether it is Roger Federer, or Ferrari or Williams or McLaren, you get phases of sportsmen and teams being dominant.

"At some point that does come to an end. Then you have to regroup and you have to go again.

"Sebastian is right. It is important to savour moments like now because that is our 46th win and it is easy to become complacent and you have to appreciate every single moment."