Court to rule over cancellation of Indian GP

The Indian Grand Prix, set to happen this weekend, faces the threat of being cancelled after a petition was raised and submitted to the Indian Supreme Court requesting the event be called off.

Campaigner Amit Kumar started the petition calling for the race to be stopped over unpaid taxes following a ruling that it should be classified as entertainment rather than sport. The former is taxed, whilst the latter isn't.

The Indian Supreme Court has confirmed it will hear the case on Friday. Should they back Kumar, then the event would likely have to be cancelled and taxes paid on previous events.

However race organisers don't believe the court will stop the race from happening, especially not so close to the event.

"You do find the odd persons going out to try to stop sporting events - be it cricket or whatever," Indian motorsport head Vicky Chandhok told Autosport.

"However, the courts by themselves are just a system, and the judges do not take kindly to a sporting event being stopped, especially on the eve of the event."