Canadian GP brings back 'Open House Day'

The Canadian Grand Prix organisers have brought back the popular 'Open House Day' which was cancelled last season due to threats from protestor groups.

The day allows fans to walk the pitlane and view the cars on Thursday free of charge while the teams make their final preparations for Friday's practice sessions.

François Dumontier, president of the Grand Prix du Canada, is pleased to bring the day back which he says is aimed at thanking those fans who have supported the event.

"In introduction to the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada, we are once again pleased to offer Quebec fans and our countless foreign visitors the unique experience that is our traditional 'Open House Day'," he said.

"With the valuable collaboration of FIA world championship's teams, the leaders of North American participating series and Mother Nature, we are proud to be able to promote this annual encounter between drivers and supporters.

"This activity is intended for those who, since 1978, have made and continue to make the success and reputation of the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada."

For more information on the day, see here.