Boullier: Too soon in the season for team orders

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier believes it is too soon in the season to begin issuing team orders, but he added that when the time was right, a driver should respect that order.

The Frenchman made his comments in light of the Malaysian Grand Prix which saw Red Bull ask Sebastian Vettel to remain behind Mark Webber. Vettel ignored the order and passed his team-mate.

Boullier admitted he has had drivers do the same as Vettel, but it isn't right in a 'team' championship.

"Yes, it happens because of the adrenaline and excitement of winning a race, but I think in Formula 1 it should not happen," he said.

"Firstly, we should not have team orders so early in the season; not while the championship is at such an early stage. When it happens you need to fix it and fix it quickly.

"Yes, one of our drivers [is] famous for doing pretty much what he wants, but when you have 600 people behind you, there is a certain respect you must have for the team."

He reiterated comments made by many within the paddock, that any driver which disobeys its team, should face some sort of punishment.

"Sometimes it seems that emotion takes over, but don’t forget that the drivers are paid to work for you, as they are for the company.

"I don't see any people in the world who could disobey their company and not be sanctioned, or at least give clarification as to why they’ve disobeyed."