Wolff: 'Top four has to be Mercedes' aim'

Mercedes' new head of motorsport Toto Wolff believes a top four finish in the Constructors' championship would mark a good year for the Anglo-German outfit in 2013.

Since joining the sport once again as a manufacturer at the start of 2010, Mercedes hasn't finished higher than fourth - dropping to fifth last season.

Wolff, who is now a shareholder in the team, is hopeful of climbing the grid this season before aiming higher in 2014.

When asked by the official F1 website what would be a good year, in terms of results, he replied: "If the [F1] team finishes in the top four and is a regular frontrunner and we win the DTM."

He then laughed off a suggestion that it's more likely they will win the DTM than finish fourth or higher.

"I am convinced that if we sit down in a couple of years we are going to laugh about the current discussions," he said smiling.

The Austrian highlighted the importance of investing in the team as not only does it build motivation to succeed, it puts him personally at risk.

"It is all about having your neck on the line! As they know I have put my neck on the line they know that I have no room for failure," he added.

"Not only have I taken a personal risk by leaving Williams - where I have enjoyed working - but there is also a financial and economic side to it. There is a huge amount of trust on both sides and I am very happy having joined."