FIA won't renew Hartstein's contract

The FIA's head doctor Gary Hartstein has confirmed that he will no longer be responsible for safety after the governing body's decision not to renew his contract at the end of the season.

The 57-year-old took over the position of head doctor in 2005 from the late Professor Sid Watkins who passed away earlier this year. Prior to that he worked with Watkins, riding in the medical car, as head anaesthetist and has travelled to 245 races so far.

The American doctor confirmed the news on Twitter and said he wasn't sure of the reasons behind the decision.

"Have just been informed that president of the FIA [Jean Todt] and president of FIA medical commission have decided not to renew my Formula 1 contract," he wrote.

"Not sure about the "why's" of the decision, but not down to me to know.

"Brazil will therefore be my 247th and last Formula 1 Grand Prix. It's been a life changing experience and something I'll never forget.

"If I've brought even a small bit to this sport of what it's brought me in personal fulfillment then it was all worth it."