Horner growing tired of Red Bull criticism

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is growing tired of the constant questioning over his team's RB8 and whether it's legal.

The team has been the subject of much debate this season with several incidents raising suspicions that its technical team is pushing the regulations too far.

The team were forced to change the openings on its floor which failed to abide by the technical regulations because they were fully enclosed.

In Canada, the team was asked to modify its brake ducts and its system of adjusting the ride-height - which the FIA believed was too easy to adjust and therefore changes could be made 'under the radar' during parc ferme conditions.

It was also at the centre of the recent engine mapping saga which saw the FIA investigate the car before issuing a technical directive to close a loophole they managed to exploit.

Horner though says the cars have always been legal and they shouldn't be punished for their creative thinking.

"The bottom line is the results sheet comes out at the end of qualifying or the end of the race and the car complies with the regulations," Horner said.

"All the rest is all b******t, at the end of the day it's all down to the FIA and the stewards to decide whether the car's legal or not. Every single time our car has been questioned by other teams it has always been compliant with the rules."

He added: "Of course the nature of Formula One is that it's competitive, but the regulations are written in such a way that they are open to interpretation, and from HRT to Red Bull every single team interprets those rules otherwise you'd have all the cars that look identically the same.

"Part of our strength is our ingenuity and I don't think we should be criticised for being creative."