Teams to discuss RBR 'hole' during meeting

Formula 1 teams will gather on Monday at a Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting to discuss the legality of Red Bull's floor.

The floor, which features an opening ahead of the rear wheels, is believed to contravene the regulations which stipulate any holes in that area must meet the floor edge.

In the case of the RB8, it doesn't.

Three teams, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes, threatened to protest the result of the Monaco Grand Prix in which Mark Webber won, with team-mate Sebastian Vettel in fourth. The protest never went ahead.

Instead, the teams will convene on Monday to agree whether or not Red Bull should be forced to change their design prior to the Canadian GP in two weeks time.

The FIA are also involved, and told Autosport that they hope to resolve the matter soon.

"Red Bull have not been asked to change anything yet," said a governing body spokesperson. "However, there is a difference of opinion over interpretation of a regulation, which we intend to clarify our position on during the next days.

"We think there are arguments on both sides so a position will have to be taken."

If Red Bull are found to be outside of the technical regulations, their previous results will remain in place.