Sauber unsure if damage played role in crash

Sauber are still investigating the cause behind Sergio Perez's Monaco accident during the first stage of qualifying.

The Mexican looked to have made an error at first after hitting the barriers at the Swimming Pool, but closer inspection seems to back-up claims that the Sauber refused to turn despite Perez's inputs.

"The car is definitely quicker than we showed today," said Giampaolo Dall’Ara, Sauber's head of track engineering. "We are very disappointed and we don’t know what happened to Sergio.

"We are looking right now to see if there was a problem with the car."

Perez, who crashed in qualifying last year too and missed the race that year, explained what happened.

"I am disappointed as I felt we could fight for a very good grid position here," he said. "We are still analysing everything to see if there was something wrong with the car.

"I was on my first lap, so was not pushing a lot. I went into the tunnel and had a lot of understeer and then I went into turns 13 and 14. Thirteen was quite fine but in 14 I just went straight and didn't get the car to turn."