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Ecclestone: 'Early title win not bad for F1'

Bernie Ecclestone insists Sebastian Vettel's early title win, which could theoretically happen this Sunday, isn't bad for the sport.

If the German wins the race and Fernando Alonso finishes no better than 4th, with both Jenson Button and Mark Webber lower than 3rd, he would wrap up his second title with five races remaining.

Such a season harks back to the Michael Schumacher era, but the difference, according to Ecclestone, is that fans will still tune in to watch individual races as they've been "very exciting".

"Let's see how the race goes," the 80-year-old told La Stampa. "So many things can happen, even if they [Vettel and Red Bull] are on the verge of success."

Asked whether it will hurt the sport, he replied: "No, it does not work that way. The public is not just interested in the championship. People like the races too. [They've been] very exciting, I've had fun."

With Vettel on the verge of being a back to back double world champion, you'd think Ecclestone might tip him for 2012 success too, but the F1 mogul says otherwise.

"At the beginning of the next season, I would bet a pound on Alonso [to win the title]."

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