FIA clamps down on blown-diffusers in Spain

The FIA has clamped down on blown-diffusers, pretty much banning the devices starting at this weekends Spanish Grand Prix.

The ruling will mean that teams can no longer blow more than 10% of their maximum exhaust gases over the rear-diffuser - something which has been exploited recently in a bid to gain extra downforce in light of the recent ban on double-diffusers.

The system works by using preset engine modes which create extra exhaust gases to blow over the diffuser, even when the driver isn't on the throttle.

Some teams have utilised the system to such an extent that they can blow the maximum output all of the time, predominantly during qualifying as the preset engine modes put extra stress on the power unit.

The ruling will most likely hit Red Bull the hardest, with McLaren recently saying that their advantage is a result of their efficient blown-diffuser and engine settings during qualifying.

Any team found to be blowing more than the allowed 10%, will contravene regulation 3.15 which bans the use of moveable aerodynamic devices.

Christian Horner, speaking to Autosport, agreed that the move was likely in response to his teams immense speed during qualifying.

"It is inevitable and the unfortunate consequence of success," he said, whilst noting that the change would affect almost every team on the grid.

"I think that it is going to have an affect with all teams that have been utilising it.

"That appears to be 90 per cent of the grid, if you look at how many teams are running blown diffusers. It is not something unique to this year, it is something that started last year, so Barcelona will clearly show what effect this will have."