Korean GP slashes prices to encourage fans

The organisers of the South Korean Grand Prix have opted to slash ticket prices during the month of March in a bid to boost crowds for their second race.

Tickets for the event were originally priced at an average of 460,000 won (£250; $410) for the inaugural event but they have since been slashed to just 315,000 won (£170; $280) for the country's second race.

The lowest priced tickets start at just 87,000 won (£47; $77), rather than 128,700 (£70; $115) according to Reuters.

Whilst the number of spectators over the three days was impressive for a country new to the sport, 170,000 in total, much of those attended for free.

The head of the Korean GP organisers, Park Joon-young, recognised that attendance had been a problem. 

"This year, we will try to improve our ticket sales, advertising and other areas of our operations," he told the Yonhap news agency.

"I know that there were controversies about our construction and also ticket prices. We will try our best so that motor sports can develop into a key part of our leisure industry."