1 December 2019

Six hours after the race

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was not a classic race, at least not in terms spectacle, although Lewis Hamilton's lights-to-flag victory was tour de force and the perfect way to end a terrific season. With Valtteri Bottas at the back of the grid because of an engine penalty, Lewis's only potential challenger was effectively gone and it soon became clear that neither the Red Bulls nor the Ferrari had the pace to keep up with the flying Mercedes. The strategy made no real difference. Lewis was chased initially by Charles Leclerc but his two-stop startegy dropped him behind the one-stopping Max Verstappen. Bottas was able to charge through the field to take fourth while Sebastian Vettel had a lacklustre day and finished sixth, his two-stop strategy working out better than Alex Albon's one-stop with a long, long second stint, which left him exposed at the end of the race when he was caught first by Bottas and then by Vettel. The midfield fight was lively and entertaining with Serio Perez nicking seventh from Lando Norris on the last lap, while behind them Dany Kvyat was ninth for Toro Rosso and Carlos Sainz scrambled to the final point as he battled with the two Renaults. He passed Nico Hulkenberg on the last lap and Daniel Ricciardo took advantage of the situation to get past his team-mate, but neither scored in 11th and 12th places.

- We look at Honda's decision to stay in F1
- We visit Jacques Villeneuve's racing school finals
- We look into the revival of the Delage brand
- And remember Jean-Pierre Beltoise's greatest day in F1
- DT is jet-lagged
- JS about F1 and society
- The Hack remembers Clive James
- The Nygaard work in the twilight in Abu Dhabi

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