12 November 2019

F1 launches green campaign

The news that Formula 1 has a “sustainability plan” to have a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030 is the start of a campaign to give the sport a more environmentally-friendly image. It is long overdue, particularly in the light of the extraordinary achievements in engine efficiency since the new formula began in 2014.

The hybrid power unit will play a key role in the future of the automotive industry and the current F1 hybrid power unit, delivering more power using less fuel than any other car, combined with advanced sustainable fuels and energy recovery systems presents a tremendous opportunity to deliver a net-zero carbon hybrid power unit.

This new initiative will cover the Formula 1 cars and on-track activity and the rest of the operations as a sport.

The plan comes after twelve months of intense work with the FIA, sustainability experts, Formula 1 teams, promoters, and partners, resulting in an ambitious, yet achievable delivery plan. Carbon reduction projects will begin immediately to start the journey of becoming a more sustainable sport.

Formula 1 has been at the forefront of technological innovation throughout its history with advancements that have directly benefitted the wider automotive industry. Aerodynamic innovations, safety developments, energy recovery systems, navigation tools and composite materials from F1 have been adopted by the road car and other industries.

The initiatives will include action to ensure we move to ultra-efficient logistics and travel and 100 percent renewably powered offices, facilities and factories. And by 2025 all events will be sustainable. This will mean the use of sustainable materials at all events with single-use plastics being eliminated and all waste reused, recycled or composted. Additionally, we will provide incentives and tools to offer every fan a greener way to reach the races.

“Few people know that the current F1 hybrid power unit is the most efficient in the world, delivering more power using less fuel, and hence CO2, than any other car,” says Chase Carey. “We believe F1 can continue to be a leader for the auto industry and work with the energy and automotive sector to deliver the world’s first net zero carbon hybrid internal combustion engine that hugely reduces carbon emissions around the world.”

“In launching F1’s first-ever sustainability strategy, we recognise the critical role that all organisations must play in tackling this global issue. By leveraging the immense talent, passion and drive for innovation held by all members of the F1 community, we hope to make a significant positive impact on the environment and communities in which we operate.”

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