15 November 2018

A thought about blogging

Today has been a rather tiresome day in terms of blogging as rather too many people from the east of Szczecin have been getting very hot under their collars at the suggestion that Robert Kubica might not be the best choice for Williams F1. While I appreciate fans who are passionate about their national heroes, there are limits to this enthusiasm when it becomes nothing but ugly nationalism and blindness to all other possibilities that exist. 

I thought I would share with readers the sort of thing that one has to put up with when one blogs about Formula 1, if only as an illustration that it is not always cakes and ale. I fervently believe that those involved the sport (ie a tiny fraction of those running F1 websites) should try to engage with the fans and this is why I do the blog, to share my passion and enthusiasm for the sport. I understand that some people don't agree with my opinions, and I am very happy for them to have their say. Their opinions may not change my mind but I am willing to listen, as long as the opinions expressed are done "in a respectful fashion", as it says in the Blog Rules. A good rule of thumb when writing a comment is to question whether you would say such a thing to someone’s face.

Ah, but the internet is a jungle for paper tigers, who can roar without having to emerge from the thicket, safe in the knowledge that no-one will come round to their house and punch them on the nose. I despise the cowardly onanists who write this sort of stuff, but it's not a world for sensitive souls, and it is to be expected from time to time. So, don't bother to send messages to this email address, it is fake, but I thought you would like to hear what "Baines" has to say.

First Name: Christian
Last Name: Baines
Your e-mail: Cbaines85@gmail.com
Phone (if necessary):  
Your message to Joe If you think that signing contract with R.Kubica is a mistake for williams than you should shot yourself in the fucking head you morron. You don't know shit about driving if that's your opinion, do humanity a favour and kill yourself dickhead

If I was to be charitable, I would define the comment as "morronic"... as that, at least, will make intelligent people smile.

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