12 November 2018

Five hours and 15 minutes after the race

The Brazilian Grand Prix was a dramatic race that resulted in Mercedes clinching the Constructors' World Championship. It was packed with excitement and drama as Max Verstappen seemed to have the race under control when he found himself under attack from his old Formula 3 rival Esteban Ocon, who was a lap down but was looking to unlap himself. Ocon pulled off a sweet move around the outside of the race leader and Max must have known he was there, but he left Ocon no space. It was a tough call for the FIA Stewards but in the end Ocon was punished, presumably because he was a lap down and should have stayed out of the way. Interestingly, it took them a long time to reach a conclusion. After the race, Verstappen got physical in the FIA garage, pushing Ocon three times. It was not the smartest thing to do, but sometimes tempers are tempers and Max was upset that he had lost the win. While all this was going on, Lewis Hamilton got ahead, took the lead and held on as Verstappen charged back. Behind them Daniel Ricciardo hounded Kimi Raikkonen to the finish line. Bottas and Vettel followed in, but were too far back to make an impression. It was enough, however, to give Mercedes sufficient points to finish off the Constructors' title. It was all good entertainment... Also picking up points were Charles Leclerc in seventh, the two Haas drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen with Serio Perez taking the final point in his Racing Point Force India.

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Peter Nygaard snaps away at the picturesque Interlagos

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