17 November 2019

Five hours after the race

The Brazilian Grand Prix was all about Max Verstappen. The Red Bull-Honda driver clearly had the fastest car all afternoon at Interlagos, despite the best efforts of Lewis Hamilton to beat him. From a strategic point of view, the two men started on the same soft tyres. They both stayed with softs for the second stint before switching to mediums. But then it became a question of gambling after a Safety Car was called out on lap 54. Max stopped and went on to softs. Lewis did not.

He stayed out in the lead but Max passed him immediately when the race was restarted. When a second Safety Car was sent out on lap 66, Lewis stopped for new softs and Max stayed out. He charged bcak with five laps remaining and on the penultimate lap challenged Alex Albon for second place. Hamilton later admitted he had made a mistake and ruined Albon's race and he duly took a five second penalty that dropped him to seventh. Before the penalty, Hamilton had fought for second with Pierre Gasly's Toro Rosso-Honda, the Mercedes with its front wing damaged after the collision with Albon. Gasly held off the World Champion to grab second. Hamilton's penalty meant that Carlos Sainz would end the day with third in his McLaren.

The big news of the day was, of course, a long overdue collison between the two Ferrari drivers, the fault apparently lying with Sebastian Vettel. The FIA decided that Ferrari had punished itself sufficiently... That was hardly good news fro the Scuderia, which will clearly have to start managing its drivers a little more...

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