14 July 2019

Six and a half hours after the race

The British Grand Prix was a real humdinger of a race as Lewis Hamilton chased after a record-breaking sixth victory in his home Grand Prix.

It quickly became clear that the only person who was going to stop that happening was his own Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, and the Finn was clearly not interested in making life easy for Lewis. They both started the race on Medium tyres and on lap 16 Bottas headed into the pits and took on another set of the same tyres. He was committed to a two-stop strategy because he had to use a different compound. Hamilton had a 17-second advantage and had decided to go for a one-stop race, as the tyres were holding up well. He would go as long as he could and then switch to hard tyres. This meant that all he had to do was get as close as possible to Bottas and just wait until Valtteri went into the pits. The Safety Car gave Lewis what amounted to a free pit stop. He stayed ahead. It helped, but it was not the decisive factor. Lewis would have won the race whatever the case, if he could keep his tyres alive. Towards the end of the race the team twice called Lewis in for new rubber but he declined to pit. It was a risk he did not need to take. The tyres were fine... It was another Mercedes 1-2 with Charles Leclerc third for Ferrari after Sebastian Vettel ran into the back of Max Verstappen and punted the Dutchman off. Both cars were damaged and Vettel fell to the back and was then given a penalty as well. Verstappen's challenge was over. He was unable to do much and had to finish fiifth behind his team mate Pierre Gasly, who finally began to show better form. Further back Carlos Sainz held off a charging Daniel Ricciardo for sixth place, while Alexander Albon tried to do the same as hamilton and go all the way after the Safety Car, but he had taken on Medium tyres and they faded away in the closing laps, which meant that in the last eight laps he fell from eighth to 12th, leaving Kimi Raikkonen, Dany Kvyat and Nico Hulkenberg to take the remaining points. It had been a thoroughly entertaining race...

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