10 July 2019

McLaren drivers

It is no surprise at all to hear that McLaren has retained its two drivers for 2020.

I’m quite sure that in both cases the team simply picked up options, with neither driver really having a choice because that’s the kind of contracts that young drivers get. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same was true for 2021 as well. Stability is key to success, as long as the drivers are performing well, which is clearly the case at McLaren. And it strikes me that Andreas Seidl is a very sensible fellow and having been a big banana at Porsche Motorsport he knows what he’s doing.

There are things that need to be fixed at McLaren but I sense that everyone is happy on the driving front, although I would expect the team to find a reserve driver of its own next year, rather than sharing Sergey Sirotkin with Renault. Who would that be? That depends a little on the team philosophy. One can make  money from such an appointment but it is better to get the best driver available. Youngsters are cheap and enthusiastic and it wouldn’t surprise me if they went back to Nyck De Vries, who was a McLaren driver for years, but was let go just before he started to come good in Formula 2.

I hear, by the way, that the team’s CFO John Cooper is on the move, the latest of the old regime to move on.

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