19 June 2019

Delays at Silverstone

Life is never easy at Silverstone, with the latest drama being that the Silverstone Experience launch is being delayed because the building contractor on the project has gone into administration with the work still to be finished.

The exhibition, which was due to open on July 8, covers the entire history of Silverstone, dating back to medieval times when there was an abbey on the site (hence the name of the corner). Unfortunately, the contractor Shaylor ceased trading at the end of last week, with 200 people being made redundant.  The problem was caused by severe cash flow issues. The business is now being run by administrator FRP Advisory, a firm that is well known in motor racing circles.

The word is that the launch of the Silverstone Experience will now be delayed until September at the earliest. We hear that to speed things up, Silverstone Heritage Ltd, the company that is running the Experience, has taken over dealing directly with sub-contractors in order to get them to finish the work. The project is in its final stages and so almost ready to go, but it is a blow nonetheless to miss the GP weekend.

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