12 March 2019

Come and meet Joe at the beach!

Joe's Audience events are highly popular with Formula 1 fans around the world, offering a unique insight into the sport, with a journalist who has been to every single F1 race since the autumn of 1988, more than 540 races in total. Such experience and contacts gives you insights into the sport, both in the modern era and in the past.

If you're going to be in Melbourne for the Grand Prix weekend, there is a once-a-year opportunity to go and ask Joe any questions you like, and to meet other passionate fans of the sport who will be attending. There is no shortage of subject matter at the moment with the new cars, the new season ahead and all the discussions about the future shape of the sport.

The event will be at the West Beach Bathers Pavilion, located at 330A Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda, which is right down on the beach (see map below). It is within easy reach of Albert Park by tram and a pleasant walk from the Canterbury Road entrance, if you prefer. The event will kick off at 7pm on Friday, March 15, and it will run until 11pm, with food and drink available throughout the evening at normal bar prices.

The tickets remain at A$70 and there was a huge turnout last year, so it is best to book early as the number of tickets is limited in order to ensure that everyone gets the chance to ask questions. We are expecting a sell-out crowd, so don't leave it to the last minute. You might not get in.

If you don't know about the audience, here is a quick idea about what people think about my events:

Paperballpark: "It was very interesting, informative, and absolutely worth the money. Joe really knows his stuff, and isn’t afraid of saying what he thinks. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in F1 – you won’t regret it!"

Francesco Zargani: "Having attended my first talk with Joe in Singapore last year, I can truly say they are awesome and would highly recommend it to anyone lucky to be in Melbourne during those days."

Phil Branagan: "After eons of listening to Joe yacking about F1 (and many other topics) I sent my brother and his mate off to one of his chats in Melbourne a few years ago. They came back impressed, and then wondered why I don’t know as much about this as JS does. Few do. Highly recommended."

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