9 January 2019

For all you race fans out there...

Now it is quiet after Christmas, you might like to take the opportunity to sign up for (or to renew) a subscription to GrandPrix+. This is an e-magazine that you can either download or read in Flipbook. This year the subscription includes a total of 24 magazines, comprising the 2018 Season Review, the 2019 Preview, 21 race issues and a Season Review of 2019 when the season concludes. The magazines average around 90 pages, although the season review was 112. This costs just £39.99, which means that each magazine is just £1.66 per full-colour issue, which is about half the price of the average pint of beer in the UK and about the same as an average meal for two in a mid-priced restaurant. So if you are looking for the best value quality product in the motorsport media, you are unlikely to find a better bargain.

If you don't know the magazine, GP+ is the fastest F1 magazine in the world. It’s so fast, it’s almost real-time…  It is usually published around six hours after the chequered flag of each Grand Prix, no matter where it is in the world. There is great photography and reporting that gives you the blow-by-blow account of what happened, both in qualifying and in the race, so you have coherent and comprehensive report which you can keep in your laptop or tablet, so you don't have to worry about shelf space! 

Our reporters are some of the most respected in the F1 business - and two of the four GP+ contributors were inducted into the inaugural F1 Paddock Hall of Fame last autumn. Between us we have attended around 1,300 Grands Prix (No, that is not a misprint...). We try to take readers behind the scenes in the F1 paddock and explain what is really going on, which others cannot do and we have very forthright opinions and we don’t care if we knock noses out of joint.

We also believe that history is important and so every edition of the magazine has at least one story relating the sport in years gone by.

This year we have decided to offer two different subscriptions: the basic GP+ annual deal (with 24 magazines), or you can buy the basic subscription plus access to the GP+ archive (which stretches back to 2007) so you get the 249 magazines in the archive plus 23 new issues in 2019, giving you a total of 272 magazines (all of which you can download) for just £59.99. That is just 22 pence an issue, which is about half the price of a box of matches. Buying the magazine and the archive used to cost £75 a year, so this year's deal is a saving of 20 percent.

For our 2019 Bundle, click here

For a basic annual subscription, click here.

And, for those who don't know what GP+ is like, you can download a free example here

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