28 October 2018

Six and a half hours after the race...

The Mexican Grand Prix was dominated by Max Verstappen, but the big story of the day was that Lewis Hamilton wrapped up his fifth World Championship, equalling the great Juan Manuel Fangio. Perhaps it was not achieved in the way he would have wish for, because the Mercedes team was struggling with tyres.

Initially Lewis went from third on the grid to second as pole man Dan Ricciardo was overtaken by Lewis and Verstappen. The Ferraris were clogged up in traffic so could not make the break they had hoped for. It was clear early on that Lewis could not match the pace of Max and the gap between them was nearly five seconds when Lewis stopped on lap 11. When the first round of stops unwound themselves, it was the same story again with Max ahead of Lewis and Daniel, but once again Lewis began to fade. The man on the move in the middle segment of the race was Vettel, who passed Ricciardo for third on lap 34 and went past Hamilton for second on lap 39. Lewis struggled on but by the time he pitted again on lap 47, he had lost so much time that he was fifth, behind both Red Bulls and both Ferraris. He would gain back a place when the unlucky Ricciardo retired with engine trouble on lap 62. Bottas had similar tyre troubles and ended up being lapped by Verstappen. Amazingly, the rest of the field, from sixth-placed Nico Hulkenberg downwards were all lapped TWICE by lap 59. It was not a classic race, but it was a great victory nonetheless. Further back Charles Leclerc and Marcus Ericsson boosted Sauber by both scoring points in seventh and ninth, split by Stoffel Vandoorne, who had his best race of the year in the McLaren. The last point wnt to a feisty Pierre Gasly, who started 20th and fought his way into the points.

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