10 September 2018

Quiet times?

As the F1 circus heads off to Singapore and the Internet folk get excited about the future of Kimi Raikkonen, doing the staying or going stories which they have not already done. The big thing last week was an announcement that never happened. This week there are all manner of tall tales. I have no idea, mainly because I’ve not being paying attention and, in any case, it is a subject with little real interest as the second Ferrari driver has traditionally not been a guy who had been allowed to win, even if he has been faster than the number one. I’d love to see Charles Leclerc joint Ferrari and making Sebastian Vettel work a bit more. The thing is that he is used to the team helping him out and so the pressure only comes from rival teams, rather than from within as well. For me this diminishes any achievements, but then the modern generation seem interested only in winning and not in how the winning was achieved.

Anyway, the reason I’ve been off the radar is because I’ve have been moving house, consolidating two places into one. The above picture is the scary Saward F1 library and archive, covering rather a lot of F1 history. If you’re wildly wealthy and love F1 (and need a tax write-off) let me know so we can start a museum!

And yes, the boxes do go back several layers...

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